The Subconscious Mind

​Discover how to connect your consciousness to The Universal Mind

​The Subconscious Mind Is The Gateway To Greatness

Learn To Tap into The Field of Creativity

​​​​​​​​Discover The Powerful Universal Law of Creativity

​Would you like to be more creative and have the power to create inspirational ideas?  The Law of Creativity is a Universal principal that's available to anyone.  All you need is the key.

6 Ways To Raise your Vibrations

All things in nature are made of energy and are vibrating according to different calibrations.  You can raise your vibrations  Find out how to elevate them to higher levels.

How To Program The Mind

the Universal Mind Can Make Your Dreams A reality​

​​​Ever wondered why some people seem to be able to attract everything they want?  Now, there are some simple things you can do to connect to the creative power of the universe and make your dreams a reality

“​​We Are All Sub-atomic Bits of Energy Longing To Reunite With The Same Source”

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Feature Story

​Discover How This Sports Legend Escaped The Treachery of The Conscious Mind...

With the Universal Power, he used his mind to conceive his ultimate desire.  With his body and determination while against all odds he rose from the ashes of nobody and became the youngest and one most celebrated heavyweight champions.  Later, he used that same mind to return to those ashes of nobody from which he had become.


When I need it I get it right here!

I always knew that it IS the subconscious mind that is the gateway to the connection to the creator of the universe. The founders of this site have pondered that discussion as long as I know them. I come here when I am looking for inspiration in my journey in this existence

Paul Mascetta Influence Expert

The Secret Power is in Your Subconscious Mind

Some of the greatest moments I've ever had was that intimate moment of pure inspiration between myself and the creator. Those moments of inspiration produced my best work and helped many people. My friends at know all about those special moments, which is why I come to support their mission, find inspiration and assist in raising the consciousness of the world.

Joe Vitale Author/Personal Development Guru
Visualization Guide


​Learn How to Connect to The Power of The Ancients through the language of prayer

How to create wealth



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