​Discover The Best Goal Setting Method For 2018

​3 Special Tips From The Best Goal Setting Method For 2018

Setting Goals Works

Goal setting works because it's a methodical practice of identifying what you want and making a concise plan to get it

There are many different ways to set goals but only a few of them really work. If you want to learn the best goal setting method for 2018 and you're willing to make some efforts, then you came to the right place.

Imagining, writing, planning, and putting into action goals and desires takes dedication, discipline and perseverance. 

Many of us men have great difficulty in these areas, especially goal setting. The important thing is that we work at it every year, month and day until those eventually pay off.

Make no mistake about it, they will pay off and when they do, you'll be exited every time you have the opportunity to set new and more challenging ones

​​You Must Write Them

 Making A List Of Clearly Defined Goals You begin The Process Of Communicating With The Power of Creation To Manifest Those Goals Into Your Life!

Whatever your goals, the action of writing them down immediately converts them from the staging area to the planning process of creation

Writing out your goals brings them to life, and it forces you to commit further to them.

If the architect never drew the design, the house would never be built. If the writer didn’t sit and write the book would never be published.

If the athlete didn’t train he would never win or even compete. By transporting your goals from your mind to paper you begin the process of creation. Even though creation begins with thought, it won’t come to life without ending up on paper.

Hence, by committing your secret wishes to paper you activate creative power to make them real

​​​Break Them Down

 ​Breaking Down Your Goals Into Easy Targets With Attainable Time Lines Will Help You Stay Positive and Motivated To Reach Them

Break yearly goals and objectives to monthly parts of the same goals.  If needed, break them down weekly to keep you focused and on track

By putting timelines to your objectives you help move the process along faster. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve your goals by the time your wanted to.

 When you are goal setting there are unseen forces at work helping you, guiding you, and preparing you. Stay positive and stay busy working at them.  

If you get the chance to help others plan and achieve their goals you'll ignite the Power of the Universe because when you help others achieve the forces at work will work even faster for yourself.

​​​Review Them Morning And Night

 ​​Reviewing Your Goals Every Morning and Every Night Will Keep Your Intent Focused Which Will Help The Power Of Creation Deliver Your Desires

Take your list to bed with you every night.  Look at them before you sleep, and spend a few minutes reviewing them each and every morning before you begin your day.  

Our days are bombarded with information from advertisers, the internet, friends, coworkers and family.  

Our minds are easily distracted by all the useless messages we get every moment of the day. By review your goals in the morning, you automatically switch on the magnetic power of the law of attraction.  

By reviewing your goals in the morning and night you tell the universe exactly what you want.  The constant clarification of your goals by way of reviewing your list reinforces your commitment to them, which in turn inspires the law of creation.  

Believe You Have The Power

Belief is absolutely necessary to bring your goals into creation.  You must believe in the unseen forces working in your life.  These unseen forces are in constant communication with you through your subconscious mind.  These forces are using your subconscious to attract the necessary people, resources and ideas so you can harness those resources and bring about your desires.  You must never give up hope that the Universal Power is at work.  The denial of this power or disbelief that it will work for you will do just that..stop it from working.  Belief and faith are absolute to make this power magnetic.  Discovery how this sports legend used the universal power to program the mind

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