​jaw dropping truths about how Cern's sinister Particle accelerator machine has warped our reality and doomed our existence

​Cern's dimensional gateway created by their particle accelerators has possibly created an unstoppable cataclysmic event that will change the course of humanity and possibly wipe out the human species.  

According to their website, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers are ​experimenting with the foundations of design of the universe. They use the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles. The particles are made to collide together at close to the speed of light. The process gives the physicists clues about how the particles interact, and provides insights into the fundamental laws of nature.  

Founded in 1954, the CERN laboratory sits on the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva. Its a collaboration of  22 member states, each of which has two official delegates to the CERN council. One represents his or her government’s administration; the other represents national scientific interests.

If you read this carefully, its a collaboration of the national scientific government interests of 22 countries. That are accelerating matter to the speed of light and then experimenting with the effects as these particles aka God Particles effect time-space and the laws of nature. Hardly a harmless science experiment especially since the governments of 22 countries are involved under the guise of national security.  

​cern and its hadron collider

The 9 billion dollar complex is home to the largest Hadron Collider which is buried close to 600 ft in the ground and spans the length of 27 kilometers.  The Hadron Collider is outfitted with around 9,000 super magnets – which are 100,000 times more powerful than the gravitational pull of Earth ememinating heat at 100,000 times the core temperature of our sun - that fire protons around a circular track at Light speeds. A beam might rotate for up to 10 hours, traveling a distance of more than 10 billion kilometers, enough to make it to the far reaches of our Solar System and back again. ​

While the representatives at CERN claim that the underground laboratory provides protection against radiation and maintains the natural landscape, other research has proven that the reason for it's geographical underground placement is much more startling.  Researchers have found a consistency between that exact spot and the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the pyramids in Machu Pichu, and Mayan Cities along with other ancient civilizations. There seems to be some correlation between Cern's location and energy that's hidden deep within the earth.  Ironically, it is believed that before Roman times a temple existed in that exact location and the people who lived there believed that it is a gateway to the underworld.

​What have people said about cern's experiments

According to world renown physicist the late Dr Stephen Hawking “The God particle found by CERN could destroy the universe,” Hawking wrote in the preface to a book, Starmus, a collection of lectures by scientists. The Higgs Boson (discovered in 2012 and called the GOD particle)  could become unstable at very high energy levels and have the potential to trigger a “catastrophic vacuum decay which would cause space and time to collapse and… we would not have any warning to the dangers,” he continued.

Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson told Eugene Mirman on his Star Talk radio program that the experiment could literally cause the planet to “explode.”

“Ask yourself: How much energy is keeping it together? Then you put more than that amount of energy into the object.” Tyson was confident of the result: “It will explode.”

A German professor at the University of Tubingen, filed a lawsuit against CERN with the European Court of Human Rights, on the grounds that the facility could trigger a mini black hole that could get out of control and annihilate the planet

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​black holes and alternate realities

​Here's the challenge experimenting with this type of power to explore the unknown.  There are things that are beyond our understanding and our ability to control once we tap into them. Adam in the garden of Eden was forbidden to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge, yet he ate it condemning all of mankind.  Who was Adam to make such an important decision that effects all of humanity.  

And who are the people at Cern that think they can play with fire without getting burned and risk putting us all into the cosmic incinerator?  We still know very little about what's really happening underground at one of the worlds most secretive lab.

My hunch is that we've already began to change our current reality. Hasn't anyone else noticed the hate spilling over into college campuses.  Political ideology turning friends into foes?  An all out attack on Christianity and conservatism.  

It feels like that we've been thrusted into the world of Bizzaro, Superman's self from another dimension.  Bizzaro had all the powers of Superman but Bizzaro was evil.  While I don't think it's that simple where we go from good vs evil, but I do recognize the more sinister aspect of our changing world.

Just think about what's going on in our schools.  Doesn't anyone take notice of the bizarre factors surrounding these events and other mass shootings.  If you want to learn how to change a violent society read this article

​The political hatred especially of the president seems so bizarre it's almost silly.  I mean really, what did he do that was so evil that we're treating him as if he's murdered our families.  

Interestingly, if you ask someone who hates him, they can rarely articulate why they feel the way they do.  Ironically, once they realize you've stumped them their anger will turn towards you.  

These and other cultural nuances has led me to believe that we've either changed something about our currently reality or we've maybe crossed into an alternate reality.  ​​​If you just look around and see the way people behave and compare that to just 5 or 10 years ago, it will leave you wondering.  

These things which normally take years or decades to grow into social movements.  Now they  seemed to have spawned over night. Many I speak with have noticed small changes in the space time continuum  that are unmistakable.  Could it be from CERN?  

We hope to know soon.  Coming next month we'll have a visit by one of the leading researchers from CERN and we'll have a chance to ask him these questions.  

Noah Pacifico

A true pilgrim and explorer in all aspects of travel including jetting through the cosmos to expand consciousness in order to create a bridge to the unknown. Can be often found wandering aimlessly in the cosmic forest of creation looking for something spiritual to write about