My Crazy Story About .....How I Learned the 5 Concepts of Creation and How to Create Wealth From Hanging Out With a Witch and Drinking Her Special Potion in The Amazon Jungle

The 5 Concepts of Creation...
The Secret to How To Create Wealth, Peace and Prosperity

Do you want to know what a witch doctor told me about the concepts of creation? 

This really happend​

It’s all true.

I met this witch doctor in the Amazon river basin in Peru.

She was traditionally dressed in one of those ceremonial outfits.   

She had dark skin and very wrinkled skin.  

It was like she had the pain of all her ansestors displayed on her face

I watched her in silence blow clouds of tobacco smoke from a giant hand rolled cigarette that she waved in the air,  

All the while she would chant the spiritual tones of her people.

She told me that tobacco smoke was used in ceremonies to keep bad energy away.

Why did I care about bad energy, and why did we want to keep them away?

Because I had just swallowed a mouthful of powerful hallucinogens. 

She just cooked them up over a boiling pot in the middle of the jungle. 

Why did I do it?

What would lead any semi-rational person to this moment? 

Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

The potion she gave me began to flow through my system

I began to shrink

Everything around me began to grow. 

I suddenly felt very small

Very small in a VERY BIG world

While that realization of my own tinyness began to take root.  

My guide, the tobacco lined witch doctor began to ask questions.

There I was, standing in the middle of the jungle

Tripping my balls off from some wild concoction that a strange woman had made from vines.

I Never considered the dangers…

So you ask how did I end up here?

Here’s my story

I was at the end of my road

I was lost…Nothing about life excited me anymore

My fire had long died out.

​I couldn't get out of bed

I wasn’t living

I was barely existing

This was my last glimmer of hope.

There I was with the desperation of a drowning man gasping for his last breath of air.

My only hope was this powerful ancient witch with this foul tasting psychedelic beverage she called La Medicina.

​After an hour had passed, my world had become distorted to a new reality that I wasn't quite ready for.  

​She began to chant

This was her message

5 Concepts Of Creation...How To Create Wealth, Peace and Prosperity

Concepts of Creation #1  {Magnetic Momentum and the Idea}

She began...

Do you know the secret power of creation? 

The medicine having had taken full effect left me unable to speak

She continued

The process of creation begins in the mental workshop of the mind with the cosmic birth of an idea. 

Not just any idea but one that has been chosen with conviction.

When chosen with conviction the idea will generate emotions.  

​Excitement and anticipation will be the dominant feelings.  

These emotions are what drives the creativity process and fuels ideas with ​a Special Celestial Force Called ​​​​Magnetic Momentum.  

She continued…

The more we think about the idea, and we ponder the ways in which we can bring the idea to life. 

​The faster the idea will grow roots in the realm of reality

Contemplation of the idea creates the birth of momentum

And moments of contemplation will give rise to physical investments into the idea….

​Note to self about the concepts of creation

If I want to give an idea life and bring it into my existence then I need to contemplate how this idea will impact my life.  I must think about how to create wealth, peace and prosperity using the idea.  I must see the idea come to life and I must pretend to use it.  Just like a child pretends, I must pretend.  This will give it living power and breathe life into it's existence.  

Concepts of Creation #2 {Physical Manifestation of Intent}

​As she continued to chant, conjuring spirits with her intoxicating melody

​She began to describe the process of manifestation

Through the clouds of smoke I now see her voice…

Her voice had taken shape.  

It became its own entity.  

The voice explained...

Do you know how to use physical power to manifest an intent?  

For example, the thought of the idea and the emotions that follow causes you to make a plan on paper. 

This act of putting a plan on paper is the physical investment or manifestation of intent.    

Once you begin the physical manifestation of intent with one action it will cause you to take more actions to further the creation of idea.

The more actions you take will trigger the law of magnetic momentum. 

Once momentum begins to flow it will magnetize and create more magnetic momentum to bring about the physical manifestation of your idea

She repeated…

Once momentum begins to flow it will magnetize and create more magnetic momentum to bring about the physical manifestation of your ideas.  

This is what happens when we commit ourselves to certain ideas.  

Cosmic forces use the law of momentum to aid us in the process of creation.

Doesn’t matter from where the idea flowed, or the nature of the idea. 

Good or bad.

It must be born.

Good or bad…It will be born

Concepts of Creation #3 {The Mental Workshop}

By this point it had felt like I had been propelled into a different universe. 

The Jungle surroundings had changed to a foreign landscape.

The only thing familiar was her voice and the smoke.

​She mixed the right amount of storytelling and chanting that totally captivated me

She told me that chanting would help the communication between her and her spirit guide. 

If we want to truly master the art of creation than we must understand the inner workings of this mental workshop.

At that time, I had only created pain, frustration, and depression. 

My workshop was littered by an undisciplined mind addicted to small thinking. 

What’s in your workshop?

If you are still uncertain how to view your mental workshop, then think of it this way.

The mental workshop is that place we construct our dreams, imagine their possibilities, and create imagery fueled with the right amount of feeling which propels our wishes into the universe which puts unseen forces to work for us.

The mental workshop can be used to create beautiful works of art and ingenuity that can enhance our lives or disastrous calamities which cause disease, poverty and utter destruction.

I ask you again. 

What’s in your workshop?

Knowing it might lead you to the jungle like it did me,

Which would you choose?

Beautiful works of art

Or poverty and utter destruction

When you enter your mental workshop, what designs do you create for your life?

Are you constructing a future full of hopes and dreams or are you creating a tsunami of devastation with thoughts of resentment, fear, anger, frustration and jealousy?

The default for most of us is the latter.

The good news is that we can change what we create for ourselves in the mental workshop.

We can always tear down old designs and create new works of art. 

All we need is the willingness to work at it.

Create and idea that resonates within us

Charge it with a little spark of inspiration that will ignite your emotions and you will be well on your way.

After a while you will see how the reflection from your inner world has crept into your outer world.

Once this happens you will know that the forces of creation have begun to manifest your ideas in the material world

​Note to self about the concepts of creation

​When I head into my mental workshop, I must enter with a positive attitude.  My mental workshop is the place where creation happens.  If I want to create positive outcomes for my life, then I must leave all negativity and thoughts of unhappiness at the door of my mental workshop

​Concept of Creation #4 {Inspiration Fuels Passion}

Where does inspiration come from and how do we make the spark effective enough to turn the wheels of creation in the right direction in order to see those dreams become a reality?

The truth?

It's simple, but not easy!

The simple part is what you just learned.

 I am certain you intuitively know that it is pure Truth!

The hard part is to identify what inspires us enough to give us that spark which ignites the furnace of magnetic momentum releasing the accelerant of emotions and turning that little spark into a 5- alarm fire of creation. 

We believe it is nothing short of inspiration compounded.

This inspiration creates that spark must fuel passions which start as just a trickle, but quickly accelerate into a compounded force that rapidly snowballs and becomes seemingly unstoppable.

To be clear about the origin of passion one needs to consider that passion is something that you could labor at day and night and never grow tired.

In fact, passion is something that you can lose yourself in easily going without breakfast, lunch, or dinner and still need to be reminded to eat.

Passion is something that will make you forget about everything that ever troubled you and put you into the present moment so completely that you would experience a state of utter bliss. 

Passion once ignited, it’s supply is inexhaustible, if it’s nurtured through action on a physical plane and reinforced correctly in the mental workshop.

Passion is the cosmic chemical of creation and is certainly responsible for all great achievements. 

​Note to self about the concepts of creation

​In order to create passion, I must be inspired.  Passion rises out of the birth of inspiration.  Passion flows from the fountain of inspiration and inspiration is created out of desire.  In order to be inspired, I must desire something sufficiently with the seed of it's intent in order to give it charge so that inspiration rises from it.  

​Concept of Creation #5 {Trust The Process}

That moment in the jungle I had to trust

I was in the middle of nowhere

Completely helpless and

Under the control of the most mind scrambling and powerful medicinal plant on earth. 

My only hope.

The old witch

I had no choice but to. 

Trust in the process

Trust that I wasn’t going to end up a rambling fool for the rest of my life

Trust that I was going to find a solution

One last thing…

​Remember that results can happen in an instant and they can also take time. 

This is where the trust comes in. 

There is a season for sowing

And a season for harvest.

In between those seasons we cultivate with the right fertilizer and we trust that our seeds will yield good fruit. 

That fertilizer is call trust…


And expectation

That forces of creation will work, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly but they will materialize.  

​If you want to learn how to create wealth, peace or prosperity, you must first ignite the passion with inspiration.  

​If learning how to create wealth doesn't inspire you then you must choose something else that feeds your inspiration.  

​If you want some inspiration and see how others have applied these concepts to their lives...

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