The Subconscious Mind

Prime Creator is Preparing You for The Pleiadian Event! ‚Äč

Make Conscious Contact With The Pleiadians

The Subconscious Mind invites you to register for updates about the great event.  If you have already made conscious contact with the Pleiadians or the Prime Creator and would like to assist others in elevating their consciousness to prepare for the event please register below.  

If you landed on this page but are uncertain as to why, we may be able to help.  Ask yourself why you feel like something incredible is about to happen.  You can feel it on the inside, but you don't know exactly what's going on.  So you began to do research and what you've discovered has disrupted your life.  

You discovered that everything you've been taught about the most important things in life has been a lie.  The people that you learned to trust the most have been the most corrupted.  You've been searching for answers and now your here with us. Guess what, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Millions of others have been on the same spiritual path to seek the truth, and to ascend to a higher consciousness.  You must continue your journey.  The love in the universe will help evolve but it's up to you to decide.  The Pleiadians are here and more are coming.  Prime creator has given you the tools to break through the barriers you face and shake off the spell you've been under your whole life.  We need you to stay on the path, let us know how we can help.

For more information about Prime Creator, the Pleiadians or about how we can help make conscious contact or how you can help us spread the message to raise the collective consciousness of the world,  Please leave your contact information.