THE PAPER THIN WALL THAT STANDS BETWEEN THEM And how you can tear through it to enter the kingdom of heaven


As children we had this built in ability to dream. Not only could we dream, but we could pretend. 

And while we pretended and dreamed, we acted.  We acted as if our dreams and fantasy worlds were in the here and now.

We played race car drivers, cops and robbers, games of tag, hide and seek and we acted them out as if we were real characters in our make believe worlds that we conjured up in our minds.  

​The Mental Workshop

Sometimes we lost ourselves in these made up worlds and they became a refuge of fantasy and intrigue.  Many of us had to be pulled from these safe and incredible fantasy worlds by our families demanding that we return to our real life to either do homework or chores around the house.  

Most couldn’t wait to return back to the fantasy we created in the powerful mental workshop of our mind.  

Just like Santa’s workshop created toys, we too had a workshop that created stories, real stories that drove our imaginations and fueled our curiosities.   

For some this was an escape from reality, and for others it was a refuge from a dull and empty state of existence that we as children were unaware of.  

But when we came back to this existence for a moment we saw it all around us.

From the disappointment and frustration that came from our teachers, coaches and parents, to the faces on television that our masters would watch in almost a trance like state unable to even acknowledge our presence in the room. 

Many of us realized right away that we needed to retreat back to that quiet space so we could once again travel far away to that special place that only few know about.

The place where we could imagine the impossible.  We could pretend we were anyone, and dream of anything.  

Including the most glorious visions of exploration, discovery, and conquest, or the secret dreams of our deepest desires without fear of judgement, ridicule or persecution.  

​Without fear of being discovered, we invited others into our mental workshop and so they join us in our very real fairy tales.

I say real, because as a child my own personal fairy tales were just as real as grown ups reality, maybe even more so.  

Certainly those fairy tales were more fun, especially when others joined the party, even the grown ups.  

The Lost Road To The Kingdom of Heaven

Our road to that secret place was always inviting and easy to navigate. Then, something happened.  The places that we once retreated to create our own special world began to lose its attraction.  

​In what seemed like an instant, we began to spend more time in the other world, the real world of the grown ups where we had once run from.  

The place where we felt that everyone was either unhappy, irritable and discontent or they had forgotten their ability and joy to imagine, dream and pretend.  

Then, without our permission the place where we had total control, creative ability, and pure joy simply vanished.  

We somehow learned to give up our fantasy world so we could join the rest of humanity and in doing so we forgot the way back.  

Humanity that lost the directions to the pathway that led to that quiet place in the mind that we as children knew so well.  

Tragically we too lost forgot our way back to that magical place, leaving us forever in the painful world that we would forever be stuck,  just like the adults that we were slowly becoming.

And with the passage of time the barrier of separation between our consciousness and god consciousness became more a mystery and more impassable.

Could this place we had known as children been the heaven that the adults yearn to return once their reality in this world ends?

In the book of Matthew 18:3 Jesus says, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you change and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

This quote from Matthew describes exactly what we as children had.  That innocence and wonder we as children  possessed when we entered our kingdom of heaven.

Don't you remember?

Could Matthew be speaking of the imaginary world that children intuitively know be the true kingdom of heaven?  

I for one can remember the peace, joy and wonder that I would seek in my own imaginary kingdom where the impossible was manifested with the ease .   

So why did we leave?  We weren’t forced!  No one told us that we could no longer pretend, play and imagine.

I don’t remember anyone saying that it was wrong to dream, wonder, and travel in my mind to that kingdom where my dreams were made real, do you?

​Return To GOD Consciousness

The one question that remains is how do we return.  How do we pass through the paper thin wall that separates God consciousness from our consciousness?

I would argue that we can return at any moment, all we need to do is decide to look for the lost path that we’ve forgotten.  

The path remains. Although it may be obscured with the essence of forgetfulness, it still surely remains.  

The pathway back lies in our desire to return to the joy we once knew as children.  

If we can harness that desire and retrace our steps we can surely find our way back to that secret place Matthew describes as heaven.

​ “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 

If we look deep into this prophetic statement we can learn that by returning to our childlike imagination and faith we can connect to the the GOD consciousness that we once knew as children.  

God Consciousness can be rediscovered if we are willing look earnestly deep within ourselves and practice the childlike belief in miracles that we all once possessed.  

"God Consciousness can be rediscovered if we are willing look earnestly deep within ourselves and practice the childlike belief in miracles that we all once possessed".  

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The paper thin barriers that block God Consciousness and human consciousness can be dissolved and our connection can be restored to the universal mind that some refer to as GOD if we’re willing to look for the lost road we once had known before we became corrupted by the adult world we live in.

 All we need to do is practice looking for the road with that unwavering faith, the wonder of a small child, and the desire to connect with that mystical force which magically turns hardships into blessings and transforms lives with nothing short of what can be described as miracles.

Noah Pacifico

A true pilgrim and explorer in all aspects of travel including jetting through the cosmos to expand consciousness in order to create a bridge to the unknown. Can be often found wandering aimlessly in the cosmic forest of creation looking for something spiritual to write about