The MSM relentless attack to control what we think and how we vote 
even if they have to lie

​​There is a war of information and disinformation between rival news networks both on TV and in the digital space.  

This war has extremely high stakes because whomever wins the information battle wins the war whether we will experience the phenomenon of the Great American Awakening.  

Many in politics, corporate America and the Mainstream Media are fighting against the great American awakening while the others want to see what life would be like if we all knew the truth.  

​The fighters for the truth believe that this knowledge will free the American people and bring about a revolution that will cleanse our society, and lift us up into a new plain of existence, one we have never known.  This great American awakening is both exciting and dangerous.  

There are many in ultra high places that would like to keep us in the dark. Because if we find out the truth, they'll be exposed, and for them to be exposed means death.  

​discover the ways the media controls how we think and the choices we make.  

​If you watch TV and read internet news you've been exposed to propaganda.  Yes, in the United States the American Mainstream Media promotes propaganda.  

You probably thought propaganda was illegal and for many years it was.  However, in 2012 Obama reversed a 50 year old law that made the dissemination of propaganda or fake news legal.  Let me say that again.  

Barrack Hussein Obama took a 50 year old law against propaganda and reversed the law ​making it legal by way of executive action.  Basically he bypassed congress and made it legal.  Here's a chilling quote from an evil man an how he used propaganda

great american awakening

​what benefit does the media and the corporate giants get by feeding the public lies and propaganda?

​The answers to this question can only be answered by asking you, how deep do you want to dig down the rabbit hole to discover the truth, and most importantly, are will willing to accept the truth once you discover it?  

Many, after discovering the truth have wished they stayed unaware.  Why, because once you discover the truth, you can't go back to your life as before.  

It's like the scene in the movie the Matrix when Neo get's offered the blue pill or the red pill.  The blue pill and he goes back to his life as if nothing had ever happened.  But the red pill...The red pill embarks him on to discover the truth about the world and his life that is so unbelievable, at one point he wishes he took the blue pill.  

While probably won't find out we're living in a simulation, we are going to find out some pretty stomach turning truths that will force us to face the stark reality that we've been living a lie our whole lives.  Not by our own design but a lie perpetrated by others that us from discovering the truth. That truth is the Great American Awakening and like someone once said, may the truth set you free.  

​how will discovering the truth set you free and change your life?

​By discovering that everything you ever knew was a lie it will force you to question everything you ever learned and more importantly everything anyone tells you as fact.  You will begin to think critically about everything in order to decipher fact from fiction.  

Your previous ideas and perspectives will go through a transformation as you reorganize your understanding of the truth.  As you begin this process you will learn that your whole life has been based on an indoctrination that was designed to control your life and decisions.  

For some, this realization will be very painful, and for others it will feel exhilarating to finally be free from control.  Either way you experience what is like to have free thought, and to make decisions based on your truth.  

This great American awakening that's happening across the nation is a result of being exposed to the truth and you will join others whom have experienced the sense of profound freedom that this awakening comes with.  

You will actually go from depressed, marginalized and hopeless to discovering a profound sense of hope. Depression will be a thing of the past, and you'll have real hope for the future.

 The great American awakening is more than just a awakening to the truth but it's more of a spiritual awakening that will catapult you into the 4th dimension of existence

​The great American awakening will change the course of destiny for all Americans
but not without a price.

​Since there are evil forces that want to prevent your awakening, you can expect situations to occur that will make you question your ideas.  

You will be bombarded with information from every direction that the great American awakening is a lie.  They will claim it's a scam and not to listen to it.  

You will start to see evidence of violence and civil unrest that's created by the very people trying to keep you in the dark and prevent you from discovering the truth. 

This is when you must hold the course, because every day that goes by they become weaker and we become stronger.

Make no mistake about it, the people that are trying hide the truth are going to do whatever is necessary to prevent you from your own personal awakening and the are capable of anything, even violence.  

You must stay the course, and get involved anyway you can, especially helping others to discover the truth.  

​Once the world discovers the truth, the healing will begin and we'll embark on a new journey and a new realization.  
Your life will never be the same

​The utopian world that we at the that will follow the great American awakening will be like nothing we've ever known.

​It will be a world of true peace and equality.  The world will begin to be a real community where people will work together for better lives.  We will finally know what it's like to love thy neighbor.  

Noah Pacifico

A true pilgrim and explorer in all aspects of travel including jetting through the cosmos to expand consciousness in order to create a bridge to the unknown. Can be often found wandering aimlessly in the cosmic forest of creation looking for something spiritual to write about