​The Secret Power of Healing Ayahuasca Rituals And How It Can Rewire The Connection Between You and The Spirit of The Universe

​In this video join us in a journey down the Amazon River to learn about the sacred Ayahuasca Rituals, and hear from people whose lives have been altered as a result of the experience.  

This documentary was brilliantly captured by filmmaker keith Aramowitz which masterfully shows the authentic Amazonian Ayahuasca Ritual led by real Ayahuascaro's using Icaro's and other ceremonial practices including tobacco and music to keep away negative energy.  

​Westerners Travel From All over To Experience The Power and Metamorphosis of Ayahuasca Rituals

​Hallucinogenic plants and chemicals for some can be a great way to resolve past traumas and find answers to pressing problems.  However, for others, these powerful substances might be too intense and may cause severe psychotic episodes.  

We recommend finding out as much as you can about this subject before enbarking on your healing Ayahuasca Ritual journey. You can learn more about Ayahuasca and other mind enhancement chemicals here

Any form of mind or mood altering substance comes with inherent risks.  By nature, natural medicines such as Ayahuasca must be prepared and administered by an experienced Ayahuascaro​​​.  

In no way is this medicine to be considered a recreational drug.  On the contrary, most would agree that the medicine would teach you a lesson if you tried to use it for that purpose.

Furthermore, due to it's potency and fierce cleansing properties, one should have an experienced sitter when ingesting this substance.  

It is our belief that the best place to experience an Ayahuasca ritual is in supervised setting that includes experienced practitioners and which the Ayahuasca grows naturally. We hope you find this documentary enjoyable and educational.

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Noah Pacifico

A true pilgrim and explorer in all aspects of travel including jetting through the cosmos to expand consciousness in order to create a bridge to the unknown. Can be often found wandering aimlessly in the cosmic forest of creation looking for something spiritual to write about