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Recently, we have embarked on a new journey of discovery between our own consciousness, the collective consciousness of our ancestors and the entire human race.  Many in the scientific world have started to hypothesize that human consciousness lives on or is able to resonate somewhere in between this reality and what some call an afterlife. It's probably not the afterlife that religion has taught, but an afterlife where our energy we call souls or consciousness gets recirculated among the collective consciousness of every being that has ever taken shape and others beings that have only existed as energy.  

This collective consciousness could be a part of a greater power that is in a state of constant creation. Creation that expands beyond not only our universe but into different realms and dimensions.  Our existence as humans is but an extension of that greater power.  

Therefore, it is our assertion that our power to create extends from the same power that created our souls and sparked the seed that created all sentient life.  We believe that this power is the construct behind evolution and is the answer to the age old question of GOD.  

The partners at the subconscious mind speculate that the human race is closer to a full shift in consciousness then perhaps ever.  With the availability of information, the international collaborations that are now possible because of like minded beliefs, and the internet, we believe that we are on the cutting edge of new discoveries in brain science and non-physical energy connections in quantum science.  

These discoveries or in some regards disclosures will free the human race from the enslavement of our own minds, demands of others and modern society.  If you are reading this information then you too have begun the search for answers to the age old question, why am I here?  

The is eager to provide cutting edge content that will assist you in your own spiritual and purpose driven journey.  Our contributors will range from experts in the field of neurosciences, brain research, Metaphysics, Psychology, and experts in the fields of achieving higher states of consciousness using chemicals and synthetic brain stimulation


Our Mission is to bring the most relevant information that can help you discover the inner-workings of your subconscious mind and how to tap the vast knowledge hidden deep in its recesses.  Some of which will be purely science, while other information will be super radical.  Our goal is to educate our readers on the possibilities that the power of creation is but one thought away, which was once were unfathomable.