​The dark anatomy of a violent society

​How Personal Responsibility Can Take Us Back From The Brink of Destruction 

​How To Change A Violent Society

Another movement has sprouted among the ashes of pure insanity, violence and hatred.  I watched in horror as deranged lunatic had just finished slaughtering 17 kids and adults who were just doing what they do on any normal day, attending school.  

The killer, a student who had been suspended from school decided to show up with an semi automatic assault rifle and murder the innocent.  His face was splattered all over the television while the careless men and women of the media fed its information hungry viewers narratives of blame.  

We now know that the FBI had been tipped off just 5 weeks before the massacre that the killer(we won’t glorify him and use his name)had made statements that he wanted to kill people.  We also know that just months before The FBI had investigated another tip from a YouTube channel that the same killer posted he that he wanted to be a professional school shooter.

The FBI actually interviewed the tipster in person, but in the end never followed up further.  The FBI had not one but two opportunities to change the course of destiny for the 17 lives that had been taken, but for some reason that is unclear, decided not to.  

Another fact that has been reported is that the local police had received dozens of calls since 2010 about this same killer. He had posted images online of himself holding weapons and making threats to kill people, yet nobody did anything to stop him.  How could this be?  

We live in a violent society within a  surveillance state where everything we do is recorded and monitored and yet local, state, and federal law enforcement ignored the ominous digital warnings and communication from concerned citizens that someone among us was armed, deranged, and threatening to kill people. 

A total disregard for responsibility and a breakdown in relations between citizens and the state, on all levels.  

While all this is going on, we have the even more deranged media pushing their narrative of gun control, using the surviving victims and children to carry their narrative.  Why?  While the loved ones of the slaughtered are still making funeral arrangements why are we making a political statement?  

How could the media be so irresponsible as to coach children into blaming the NRA and the president, saying that his repeal of an Obama gun reform law caused this to happen, which simply isn’t true! 

Then we have the top cop in Broward County deflecting personal responsibility for the gross negligence of his department that day.  His inability to hold himself and his men accountable is nothing short of astonishing and a national disgrace.  While his men coward outside they listened to gunfire that slaughtered those kids. Incomprehensible!  

And as each day passes we find out more utterly disgraceful facts associated to his department and this tragedy.  My heart breaks for the families.  

​How do we change a violent society?

​​​​The Light of Truth Is The Remedy To Evil

Without hesitation, we must shine the light of truth so this never happens again.  We need to know all the details, see all the video tapes, talk to all the witnesses and hold those accountable who either neglected their duties and those whom are complicit in making this tragedy possible.

We must face the real truth, and not some made up narrative because people in high places think we can’t handle the truth.  Without the whole truth, we have little to hope for.  

We must examine the truth if we are to change, no matter how painful and disgusting the truth may be. This tragedy is an opportunity for our whole society to change, but without the truth, change we will not.  Without the truth there will be no change, only blame and eventually more pain

If we must go into auto-blame why don’t we start with the killer?  He brought a weapon to school and murdered students and teachers. We could blame the hate speech that’s vomited out of the mouths and hearts of the news media 24/7.

What about social media, and the scorn that its users bash one another with, could we blame them too?

What about us, shouldn’t we all look in the mirror and accept some kind of personal responsibility?

"Without the whole truth, we have little to hope for.  We must examine the truth if we are to change, no matter how painful and disgusting the truth may be"​​​​.

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Instead of looking to blame someone or something, why don’t we blame ourselves. Imagine that tomorrow we wake up and we all take responsibility for what just happened. Think about that for a moment.  What do you think would happen if we all took some kind of personal responsibility that our own actions or inaction and the rage we have in our hearts could have caused this and every other terrible crisis that’s going on around the world.  

Could our addictions to viewing videos, images, or articles of hate, indifference, resentment, fear, and judgement be perpetuating this type of violence and even war?  Could we ALL be responsible for manifesting these disastrous outcomes with our own thinking and intention? Has our global society become so angry and disconnected from one another that it’s causing us to experience these horrible situations?

If you believe that we are somehow connected to one another, or you believe that we have come from the same spiritual place as everyone else, then this analysis is certainly plausible.  

The only thing I am certain of is this, hate breeds more hate and it’s opposite, LOVE, breeds more LOVE.  I am also certain that if I avoid hate, it amplifies it.  If I avoid negativity, I’m bound to run into more negativity.  But, if I choose only what’s good, positive and loving I won’t have to avoid hate or negativity.  Simply, by making a decision to choose compassion, patience and tolerance, I will only find the like.  

A radical change must take place if we are to alter the course of our own personal destiny ‘s and the destiny of our global community. This change must come from the inside out and the reverse..  We’ve been trying to change the things outside ourselves with terrible results.  What if the solution the solution lies in changing our insides first in order for everything else to change including the world outside?  Is our civilization advanced enough to accept this remedy?

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    • Thank you for your comments. Your right, there is a sinister wave of energy that has come over our society. It happened very subtly at first, but now it’s quite evident to the people who are paying attention. I must admit that I only noticed it over the course of the last year, and at first it seemed like it was happening behind the scenes. Now, it’s right out in the open. It’s almost like our own reality has merged with our opposite more diabolical reality. The only way to defeat this is to raise our own consciousness and encourage others by spreading the truth.

      Stay engaged indeed.

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