​How To Program The Mind With Prayer

​6 Essential Powers To Program The Mind With Prayer

​What Is Prayer

​The First Simple Truth

​If you want to program the mind with prayer, you should know that prayer is the universal language that connects human kind to the Power of Creation.  It’s the delivery mechanism that allows our hopes, desires and wishes travel to that secret places where all things are born.

​Prayer is not only an essential part of all religions,  prayer is an act of faith in the beyond and the power that resides there.  In almost every source of spiritual literature there includes the power of prayer which should not be underestimated.  All miracles begin and end with prayer.

​How Does Prayer Work?

​The Second Simple Truth

First, prayer will only work if it’s clear and concise. You have to see the end result in your mind so that the universe understands exactly what you want.  There can be no confusion.  You must know exactly what you want, what you’re going to do with it, how your life will be changed because of it, and you need to communicate it effectively without uncertainty.    

The idea or request you have must be clear and precise. And you must be ready to ask in a way that proves to the Universal Creator that you’re ready to have it.    Until you learn how to speak this language of prayer you will never be able to empower the Universal Creator to assist you in bringing your dreams to reality. 

How Often Do I Pray​

​The Third Simple Truth

​People think that in order to get results, you must pray often.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you wanted a raise at work, or to go on a date with someone, you wouldn’t ask incessantly would you?  No, you would plan your request mindfully, ask then wait for your answer.

The better you’re prepared the better your request will be granted.  So it is with prayer.  Do it right the first time and wait patiently in quiet confidence that your creator is granting your request.  Asking more than once is not necessary, and can be counterproductive. 

​What Do I Do After I Pray

​The Fourth Simple Truth

​This is where most us go wrong.  Once you deliver your request to the Universal Creator, you need only do one thing, pretend you already have it.  Visualize in your mind that your request has been fulfilled.   

The Process of Visualization is plain and simple.  You must see yourself in your mind's eye experiencing and enjoying exactly what you're asking for.  If you visualize your prize, and you can see yourself harvesting your fruits from the garden of your mind, then you will experience them in the reality of this dimension.  For more secrets on how to program the mind with visualization click here

How long will For My Prayers To be Answered​

​The Fifth Simple Truth

​This is a futile question and should not be considered. First, this question negates the power of the Universal Mind.  Secondly, just as there are seasons some of sowing others of reaping, creation has its seasons as well.  

There is a time of preparation, a time for cultivation and a time for harvest.  The soil(mind) must be right to accept what’s planted.  You must prepare the soil well before planting and you must cultivate well (visualize) before you can harvest.  You could never harvest a good crop without the proper planning, care and cultivation. So, it is with the manifestation of our wishes using prayer. 

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