Simple Yet Effective Methods To Program The Mind With Visualization 

Most of us picture horrible outcomes for our lives...
Its no wonder why most of us suffer

3 Keys to program the mind with visualization 

Don't Just use images!  When we think about visualization we often forget to consider all the other things that we can use in the mental workshop within our minds.  This mental workshop uses many tools in the process of creation.  Like the carpenter needs more than a hammer,the creator in the mental workshop must use more than visual images.  The creator, the thinker, must also use sounds.  Hearing the sounds of your creation will help hold those images in your mind and assist in the construction of your dreams.

Visualization needs more than noise and pictures, it needs your senses.  Your sense of smell, taste, and touch should all be used when going through the visualization process.  If you are dreaming of success, you should be able to smell the money in your workshop.  If you want to become a clothing designer you should feel the fabric as you create your finest  outerwear.  If you desire is to be a professional basketball player, you must feel that leather as it slips through your fingers and swishes through the hoop for the winning basket.  No dream can be woven without touch, taste or smell.  

Your last and most important key to victory when visualizing your creations in your mental workshop is feelings.  You must feel the wonderful variety of emotions that comes from the process  of creation.  The exhilaration of success to the excitement as you tell your family of your good fortune.  No visualization is complete without its set of emotions. Visualization and creation will never be complete without understanding how to program the mind prayer

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​Mike Tyson was one of boxing most historic and celebrated heavyweight champions.  His power, speed and will in the ring was unmatched.  He practically walked through every opponent he faced with ease.  While destroying all of his opponents, he was also destroying his life.   How did he do it? In this article you will discover how this sports legend used his powerful thinker to program the mind

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