​How To Raise Your Vibrations

​6 Tips To Learn how to Raise Your Vibrations and Attract Happiness into Your Life!

Did you ever wonder why people either lift us up, or bring us down?  

Have you asked yourself, what is it about this person that makes me uneasy?

​Here's the very simple but complex answer to those questions!

In order to understand how to raise your vibration you must first understand what vibration is and how it affects you.  What is vibration? Vibration is the movement of being and non-being particles at a subatomic level.

​All objects vibrate, both living and non-living.  All objects living and non-living​ consist of energy that vibrate at different frequencies which can be either beneficial or harmful. 

​It all depends what frequency your vibrating at and which frequency whatever you come in contact with is calibrated.  

For example, if you're a relaxed, calm and positive person.  Someone who understands the power of love, forgiveness, and acceptance you may be vibrating at a calibration 300-350.

This calibration according to the work of Dr. David Hawkings in his masterpiece Power Vs Force Describes level 350 as the level of someone who views the world and existence as meaningful.  

This person may be described as wise by others.  If your energy is vibrating at a frequency of 350 any object that you come in contact with that is vibrating lower than 350 may be elevated by your interaction.  The power of your frequency can lift theirs.

On the other hand, if you allow your own frequency to be lowered because of your exposure to lower frequencies,  you may feel out of step, depressed or unhappy. In contrast, anything that is vibrating at above 350 has the propensity to elevate your vibrations.  

You know exactly what I am talking about...

Let's say you bump into somebody that distorts reality.  They see things through the lens of blame and they don't take any personal responsibility for their outcomes.

​This person might be vibrating at a calibration below 150.  This calibration invites fear, anxiousness, depression, blame, anger, or indifference.  On really bad days this person could dip below 75 or lower, and on better days raise up just under 200.  

They never seem to break thru a level beyond 180 for any period of time unless they experience some sort of life-changing event that spurs some sort of awakening.  

When you are around either a person or a an event that brings about uncomfortable feelings within you it's probably because you're being exposed to lower energy.  It may be a book, type of music, or activity that is beneath your spiritual evolution.

Normally, anything or anyone that exposes us to lower energy levels can have an impact on our state of being (Unless we are serving to raise the vibration of a lower vibration we will often be affected negatively from that vibration).  

We are confronted with these lower energy fields every day.  Things are either helping us raise our vibrations or lower them.  The higher the vibration, the more inspired, relaxed, and positive we feel.  The lower the vibration, the more depressed, unhappy, uninspired, and uncomfortable we will feel.  

What needs to remain clear is everything vibrates and everything has an effect on our own vibration.  

Here's ​6 tips to raise your energy vibrations and feel more attune to the universe.

How To Move From A Calibration Below 200 To 300 and Above

Listen To Music And Sounds Calibrated above 432ghz

​Any music or meditation sounds that are calibrated using these frequencies will lift your own vibration calibration.  Try listening before bed, and in the morning as your preparing for your day.  It is guaranteed to get you in the right frame to face the opportunities and challenges ahead.  

Move Your Body...​​Exercise Regularly

​Exercise will get your endorphins flowing, purge your body of bad energies, and sweat out unwanted toxins.  Performing a daily exercise routine will elevate your calibration over time.  The more you exercise the more your body will respond to other types of stimulus. ​

​Take Long Walks In the Forest And Commune With Nature

​​Nature walks are a great way to lift yourself out of poorly calibrated vibrations.  Nature has a way of elevating your spirit and making you feel renewed.  At least 3 days a week is suggested in order to sense a change happening within.  

​Start Your Own Garden and Grow Your Own Food

​Just like nature walks, working with nature in any form can be surly inspirational.  The act of learning to garden and cultivating natural life will give you insight to your own nature.  Your plants will take to you and act as your healers.    

​Take Courses in Art, Photography, Sculpting or Anything Creative

​The art of creation began with universes and expanded into galaxies .  Creation continues in every moment.  Like our creator, we are also creators.  We are extensions of our own creation.  If we are not experimenting in creation ourselves than we will experience unhappiness.  

​One Month Of Yoga Can Move You Out of Despair

​Yoga is an excellent practice to raise your calibration.  You will immediately notice a difference in your own vibration when you start practicing yoga.  First, you will be put around others that are raising their own vibration and you will be learning the art of presence.  Yoga has this power to keep you in the present moment and lift your energy level.  

​To find out how to raise your spiritual energy, vibrations and consciousness and how to program your mind with prayer

Noah Pacifico

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