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Super Mind Enhancement With Banned Chemicals Could Be More Beneficial Than You Think!

​​Humans have been obsessed for centuries with accessing the deep recesses of the mind. Ancient mystics believed that if one could control their mind sufficiently enough they could perform mystical feats, heal disease, change the make up of inanimate objects and transform physical nature.

​Since before the times of Jesus people with these special gifts could heal the sick and restore the health to those whom were deemed incurable. Science has looked for clues to explain away such powers, while at the same time, trying to uncover what special talents if any few humans have possessed that transcend the very nature of our understanding of these special talents.

​Their are scores of testimony from men and women who claim that these people could heal the sick with just one touch, others used ancient rituals to conjure what many claim to be a force that allows them to use mystic power to heal sickness and disease.

​What they all shared in common was the belief in their ability to use the power located in the deepest recesses of their mind to actually alter the inner workings of the body and immune system and in some cases restructure particles on a subatomic level all with just the power of thought.  

​The Power of Hallucinogenic Substances

​Almost every ancient civilization practiced rituals using natural mind enhancement medicines to tap into parts of the brain that are inaccessible for most people without the aid of certain chemicals.

​Plant medicines containing substances like DMT would give the user the ability to solve complex personal problems or give them insight into understanding and solving​ community community challenges.  

Often these experiences were used to connect to a spirit guide that would revel solutions or give foresight the user wouldn't be able to see without accessing that particular state of consciousness.  

These states of consciousness may be the place where mortals are given the ability to connect to a higher state of awareness where the user is given direction from the universal or supreme consciousness.  

​Hallucinogenic drugs or medicines have been proven as powerful tools to access certain areas of the brain that are dormant under normal circumstances.   Once these areas are reached, great insight can be obtained from them.  Answers to questions can be derived and even solutions to sickness and disease can be extrapolated from the experience.  

History of Mind Enhancement With LSD

​LSD was first synthesized in 1938 by Albert Hoffmen as Swiss researcher.  Hoffmen was trying to develop a drug to aid contractions during childbirth.  Later, during 1950 to 1965 LSD was used to treat over 40,000 patients with a variety of physical and psychiatric problems and LSD was the focus of over 1000 research studies, dozens of books and international conferences.  

During this period the CIA began experimenting with LSD during interrogations as a truth serum and later formed a covert mind control program called MK Ultra.    

​​​​Mind enhancement and positive effects from LSD was studied simultaneously.  Some of which are:

  • ​Increased creativity and awareness
  • Moments of clarity involving a variety of subjects some of which complex in nature
  • Reported ability to connect with nature
  • Increased intuition regarding a variety of subjects especially those that go beyond analytical thinking.
  • Users experience a sense of unity with other forms of life .  
  • ​Immense spiritual upheavals and EGO death
  • grav
    ​Reports of being able to connect with a Universal consciousness.  

​We are not promoting the use of LSD nor do we believe it is necessary to ingest this or other substances to achieve higher states of consciousness, but we do recognize the power of certain substances to enhance mental and intuitive abilities which may be difficult to access otherwise.  To learn more about LSD and it's properties you can click here

Ayahausca's Ancient Powerful Properties for
Mind Enhancement and Spiritual Evolution

​Ayahausca's origin comes from the Amazonian regions of Brazil and Peru.  This powerful substance is categorized by ancient civilizations as a hallucinogenic detoxifying agent capable of cleaning you out emotionally, spiritually, and physically, while at the same time leading the user to experience profound realizations not possible under normal circumstances.  

​Many believe that the medicine which is derived from two different plants that alone are benign, but when cooked together form a super-powerful substance capable of rewiring your whole outlook on life.  Ancient civilizations called Ayahausca, La medicina. Many believe today that Ayahausca properties are alive and have a mind of its own.  

​When compared to LSD, Ayahausca is said to be LSD much bigger and stronger older brother.  Joe Rogan said this about Ayahausca " It's like LSD times 1000 plus aliens" I ​ consider Ayahausca the substance that would allow dimensional travel without ever leaving your seat.,  The mind enhancement and physical benefits of Ayahausca therapy cannot be ignored or understated.  

​When compared to LSD, Ayahausca is said to be LSD's much bigger and stronger older brother.  Joe Rogan is quoted as saying,  "Ayahausca is like LSD times 1000 plus aliens"  I would add that this powerful substance allows you to travel to different dimensions without ever leaving your seat. 

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​Your choice in which vehicle to travel in is not as important as your reason to take the journey.  Many take the journey simply to discover more about themselves, while others take the trip to heal old wounds, reach higher states of awareness, or to get insight about a certain road that has yet to be traveled.  No matter what your intention, using these powerful substances can greatly enhance your insight and understanding of the unknown.

Noah Pacifico

A true pilgrim and explorer in all aspects of travel including jetting through the cosmos to expand consciousness in order to create a bridge to the unknown. Can be often found wandering aimlessly in the cosmic forest of creation looking for something spiritual to write about