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You Can Program The Mind For​Glory Fame And Fortune Or Pain Suffering and Prison

Brownsville Brooklyn in the early 70’s wasn’t a chic hipster neighborhood filled with a bunch of wannabe overnight tech company starter-uppers.

​On the contrary, it was one of the most depressed, feared, and hopeless neighborhoods of New York City.  On those rock hard streets between the housing projects, drug spots and liquor stores emerged one of professional boxing most iconic and celebrated champions to ever walk the planet.  

Mike Tyson or Iron Mike as he would later become to be known was just another against all odds, destined to be nothing street kid. Without the leadership of a father figure Mike fell victim to the typical ghetto ambiance filled with drugs, violence, lure of gangs and criminal activity. 

With over 30 arrests by the time he was a budding teenager, Mike was on his way to becoming just another statistic of an unfair world filled with scarcity thinking and bad decision makers.  Incredibly,  Mike somewhere or better yet somehow developed an idea that evolved into a dream.  

​It starts with a dream

That dream would ignite his passions and become his primary weapon to overcome the odds and catapult him from those tough streets of Brownsville to fame, fortune and glory.

Most of us know the story of his journey to the Catskills mountains where he was sent to a reform school for boys.  Tyson, wanting to learn how to fight was exposed to a former professional fighter and counselor who eventually decided that 14 year old Tyson should meet the late great boxing coach Cus D’Amato. 

D’Amato opened the doors to his gym and home because he saw something in that kid from Brooklyn that most weren’t astute enough to recognize.  The Catskills and Damato gave Mike the surroundings to focus on a dream, a dream that if nurtured right would change his life forever.  

Despite struggling with the negative programming of his youth the kind that would derail anyone from their dreams, Mike managed to keep his dream in the forefront of his mind's eye.  That dream would rocket him through the amateur ranks, and with each victory Tyson would grow in confidence.

In the ring, and in those quiet moments alone looking out the window of of his mind  he nurtured that dream with passion believing in the possibilities of one day becoming a future champion. 

Nobody fathomed except maybe for D'Amato the kind of success that Tyson would eventually achieve. Any expert that understands how to program the mind would tell you consistent belief, desire and action is all it takes to manifest the impossible dream.

​"Consistent belief, desire and action is all it takes to manifest the impossible dream"​​​​

​Great Quote To Tweet

So, with the ferocity of a starving lion, Tyson instinctively applied those principles to program the mind and turned his impossible dream into a stark reality.  

Learn how this sports legend used ​simple yet effective tools to​ Program The mind and prevented it from​ wrecking his life

Despite his challenges, the crime, gangs, loss of his mother, the mentality of poverty and deviance, Tyson entered the professional ranks and went on to become the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history.

A lesson for everyone about possibilities...

But it doesn't stop there,  part of his iconic rise was how he decimated his opponents with ease.  They too had fallen victim to their own broken thinker.

​Tyson was so seemingly invincible that almost all his opponents had given up before they entered the ring.

The universe with its cosmic connection to his subconscious mind had paved the way for Tyson. Not only making him indestructible in his own mind, but obliterating the hope in his opponent's mind’s of them ever having a chance to beat him.

This is how he won so convincingly.  He used their own fear against them.  Then he dismantled what seemed to be formidable men with ease. I'm not saying that he wasn’t one of the most talented heavyweights of all time. But what I am saying is Tyson had won almost all his bouts before he even stepped into the ring.

A feat that must be examined closely if we are to understand the power of the mind.  

With that power he made millions of dollars, while at the same time blowing through those earnings like a minimum wage earner on a hot date.

Tyson would eventually earn several hundred million dollars, not once but twice.  Each time he would use the money to feed his own destruction. A behavior common among people who have a poverty mentality and an undeserving mindset. 

​The power of an 

undisciplined mind

Tyson had the mental ability and power to program the mind to thwart any opponent and to literally knock them out before throwing a punch.  Conversely, with that same mental power he attracted the horrors of pain, frustration,  and addiction that would cause him to surround himself with some of the most deviant and sinister people most of whom looted his emotional well being and eventually his bank accounts.  

Along his journey, Tyson eventually landed himself in prison.  Many believe a victim because of a false accusation of rape from a beauty queen.

Whether he did it or not doesn’t matter. The painful truth is that circumstance fit all too perfectly for the man ​who used his powerful thinker to daydream of persecution, negativity and self-will run riot.  ​

Mike with all his success, fame and fortune went to prison just like he thought he’d go from the time he was a youngster.  He learned to program the mind for misfortune, and that's exactly what he manifested.


A victim, not of Desiree Washington the storyteller that put him in prison, but of his own powerfully destructive thinking.  

Most uninformed people would suggest that Tyson was stupid.  Mike far from stupid and certainly not a rapist was just like the rest of us imperfect humans.  We’re all victims of our own thinking, receivers of our own hail Mary passes, harvesters of our own crops planted in the fertile soil of our minds.

Nobody knows this better than Mike.  

Today, Tyson probably still wrestling with those demons has managed or decided to ​program the mind with visualization for better things.  His career and personal life are on the upswing.

​Maybe after all the tragedies and horrific losses he’s finally made a decision.

Sometimes it takes great pain to get to that desperate and lonely place to finally make a decision.  You know, the decision to retire the pilot that runs our ship from the inside out, or expel the navigator that whispers lies into our minds so we continue to follow a destructive course.

For Tyson's sake a man with a very powerful and over developed thinker,  I certainly hope so.    

​The stories we tell

​Here's the stark reality.  All our thinkers are just as powerful.  With the power of the subconscious mind we are all capable of great accomplishments or sadly, dismal failures. It's all how you program the mind. 

The outcome resides in what you think about more. That is all.  You are and will become what you think about most of the time.  The emphasis of my last statement should be on the part, “most of the time” because that is where the future successes or failures are born.   

Like Tyson, we become the story we tell ourselves. Because whatever we feed our conscious mind seeps through to the subconscious mind gets propelled into the universe which magically manifests them into our realities.

​We have to change the story to reflect what we want, not what we don’t want.  I don’t think Tyson wanted such trouble in his life, but that’s the story he told himself in the quiet fertile space of his mind.  If we want results that are better than intolerable then we must think about things that will manifest those results in our lives.  We must program the mind to reflect our hopes and not our unborn tragedies.  

​Often, just like for Tyson it takes a dream, a goal or something positive or worthwhile to super-charge our powerful thinkers into daydreaming about the right stuff.  And if done often those daydreams will journey from the subconscious mind to the universe which will materialize them into our reality.  

​​What ​are you letting

your powerful thinker daydream about?

Does it resonate with your ideal self or does it reveal the self-destructiveness that we have in all of us.

Whatever your thoughts just remember that the power of any one person begins in the theater of the conscious mind.  

This part of the mind is the fertile playground for dreams to be sowed  and later reaped

​Either dreams of health, wealth, and prosperity or nightmares just like Mike’s and many others. 

Remember this next time you find yourself daydreaming of poison... because you just might drink it!

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