Social Media censorship Plan 

To Hijack Your Mind And

Distract You From The Truth

A staggering amount of twitter users have been secretly  censored, had tweets hidden from their followers, and their voices shut out because of a brewing ideological war that’s sweeping the nation.

Twitter shadowban and media censorship is affecting many conservatives. Which brings us to discover what's social media's diabolical plan is for our society.  

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and google along with the mainstream media outlets have chosen a side and it’s not with the people. Exposed networks branded fake news have coordinated a brilliant censorship strategy  with Internet giants in order to step  up their attack

No longer are they trying to hide their one sided agenda against the president and his secret plan. Fake news shaming no longer scares them, and it’s obvious both sides are in for a long hard fight.  

What do both sides want? Complete control over our minds, the consolidation of power, unquenchable thirst for profits, and total control over how we govern this country. And you thought this was a democracy, hogwash!

twitter shadowban media censorship
The Disguised illusion of Democracy

Incredibly the power of truth is being revealed and many are learning what some have long asserted.  We have been living in an authoritarian society masquerading as a democracy. 

A society predicated on the idea that if you follow the rules dictated by the powerful and wealthy few you could live a productive and fulfilled life.  

If it weren’t for corruption, greed, racism, and now class-ism, this model of democracy would have functioned well. But with the consolidation of  power, the majority of wealth, and an evil streak shared by those most high, they overplayed their hand and have been forced from the shadows by the leadership of one man.  

This larger than life guy caught them all sleeping and is meddling in their plans .  A renegade business man who’d rather do what’s right, and have the love of the people than be accepted by other billionaire globalists drunk with power.  

This monkey wrench called Donald Trump can’t be seduced by wealth and power, he's hijacked the globalists plan for absolute control.  And he did it using their own tools, the mainstream media and twitter.  

"This monkey wrench called Donald Trump can’t be seduced by wealth and power, he's hijacked the globalists plan for absolute control.  And he did it using their own tools, the mainstream media and twitter." 

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Outrageously, Trump with his giant ego and hustle to back it up has chosen his cameo, to crush the most corrupt, restore hope to frustrated Americans, and elevate our standing in the world. And quite possibly go down as the greatest modern president in the history of the USA.    

This is an incredibly interesting time to be alive.  If you are on the side of the people with DJT at the helm then you know what it feels like to win, and keep on winning.

Trump has amassed a huge following despite the constant treachery of the mainstream media to derail the make America great again agenda.  Despite their efforts the trump train keeps gaining momentum.


Let’s Take A Look At This Rookie Politician’s First 15 Months In Office. 

  1. Tax cuts for both middle and lower income and for large corporations, which have used some of their profits to invest in their employees by way of bonuses and to add more jobs to their roster.  

  2. A historic repeal in regulations that has motivated manufactures to come back from abroad and open plants here in the USA which will create more jobs bolstering the economy.

  3. As a direct result of 1 and 2 a 40% gain in the stock market sending 401k’s and other retirement funds soaring.  

  4. A concerted effort to enforce our immigration laws, protect our sovereignty, jobs, and security, despite the undermining of state politicians.

  5. He’s prepping to build the wall he promised, and he’ll probably use the threat of tariffs or other economic coercion  to make Mexico pay for it.     

  6. He repealed the Obama care mandate so now healthy people who don’t want insurance don’t have to pay a fine for not having it.  And we don’t have to subsidize health insurance for people who get it free.

  7. He created a new atmosphere of patriotism while at the same time squashing the cancer of political correctness.  

  8. He’s is renegotiating unfair free trade agreements that were maligned against the wealth of the american economy.  

  9. Through power and force along with strong economic sanctions he is bringing the renegade rocket man from North Korea to the bargaining table.  Thus creating a safer world for everyone.

  10. Eradicated ISIS from the Middle East leaving just small pockets of followers without leadership or access to large caches of weapons by revolking billions in funding to to Syrian rebel groups and a constant bombing assaults early in his administration.

  11. Want more?

  12. President Trump on December 14 broke the record for the most federal appeals judges appointed during the first year of a presidency, more than any other before him.

  13. Nominated and the U.S. Senate confirmed Justice Neil Gorsuch, despite the coordinated obstruction by Senate Democrats. Many of those same Democratic senators, including Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., unanimously confirmed Justice Gorsuch back in 2006

  14. Check this out, POTUS snuck in the provision ANWR into the tax bill that opens up National  Arctic Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. Something the GOP has been trying to do for 40 years.  Way better for America to drill their own than import from the Saudi’s, don’t you think?

  15. He’s currently rooting out corruption from the highest levels of our bureaucracy making America a fair, just and honest place to live and raise children.  Easy thing to see unfolding before your eyes when you have top officials and the media lashing out at him for exposing their inequities.

Who Do We Believe

The list is just a fraction of what this very hardworking American patriot accomplished for America . The internet giants at Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Youtube along with the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about his accomplishments.  

They only want you to know about the washed up playboy bunnies, models, and porn stars he had affairs with.  The latest one in 2006. They only want you to know about his mean streak, twitter rants, and the fake Russian collusion story that they are finally beginning to back off of. 

Obviously like the rest of us,  the guy is human. All of us have our defects and the president isn’t exempt from character defects.

So why does he do it?   He’s already been famous, rich, prosperous,  and powerful many times over.

At 71 already a billionaire, he’s not doing it because he had nothing else to do.  He’s doing this for you and me, and the future generations of which his family will be part of.  

I’d also imagine his desire to cement his legacy as one of the greatest presidents ever.  

Why?  Because he loves winning, and so should the rest of us.   

So be sure to ask yourself  if what you read on Twitter, FB or what you hear on TV is really the truth, or is this what others would like me to believe.  

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