Truth About Q Elevate Consciousness

The truth About Q
How to elevate consciousness
Move the Marker?  

Over the last 8 months you've gone through serious changes. You went on a wild ride and had a spell binding experience with millions of others at the behest of a character called Q and The Anon's, his army of researchers.  

For months you were captivated by learning things are not what they seem and that everything you've ever have known has been a lie (almost everything) .  Q and his army has exposed you to a world of evil taken right out of a satanic movie.

 At first like many others you didn't want to believe it. Q's revelations were hard to stomach especially since you had no one to talk to about it.  And every time you tried people thought you were crazy.  

During the journey  you felt totally misunderstood, and the only people that made any sense to you were on twitter.  A couple of feeds seemed to be the only place where you could relate to the rest of the world.  

Sound familiar? 

Why it's time to leave the world of Q

Did you think it would stop here?  Did you even consider what's next?  Remember what we learned from the very start, good vs. evil.  From the very beginning Q warned us about real evil.  Q also mentioned GOD, the Bible and people from other worlds.

Q warned that us if we knew the truth that 99% of the world would go to the hospital. Did you consider that at all?  Seriously, this isn't a joke!  

Now, there's a new marker.  It's time to leave Q behind and continue the journey.  Because if you don't move forward you will move backward.  Nothing stays stagnant.

For many Q's revelations created a shift in consciousness.  Although many had this shift, only few continued to move marker to continue the spiritual growth and the evolution in consciousness.  As a result, many went backwards and I am one of them. 

But I have another chance to move the marker and continue the growth, and like you I had to decide when to begin.

The Q phenomenon no longer serves to develop my consciousness or raise my vibrations. On the contrary, I have grown beyond it and participating will only unravel my growth.  

If you have experienced the same, you must move on as well.  You must move the marker, and get ready for the next evolution in consciousness. Click here for  conscious contact, prime creator and the paleiadians  

The research you do will no longer be about satanic rituals, mass corruption, human trafficking or any other type of vile existence.  

That's what it took to get you here,but you've moved beyond that. You must take the next steps to elevate your consciousness.  You must move the marker.  

If you don't continue to elevate consciousness you can't live in the new world

The earth is about to go through an evolutionary change.  A change that's is going to reset the vibration around the globe.  Some speculate that this will be in the form of solar flare, others contend it be a different type of space event.  I won't speculate, but I will say that were not alone.  

If we are to live in a new world, we can't bring the old us. 

We must evolve, and help other to evolve with us.  

Noah Pacifico

A true pilgrim and explorer in all aspects of travel including jetting through the cosmos to expand consciousness in order to create a bridge to the unknown. Can be often found wandering aimlessly in the cosmic forest of creation looking for something spiritual to write about